Two (or more) Things Are True

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I am offering services through Open Path Collective at a sliding scale rate that is 50%-70% less than my standard rate.

You can read more about Open Path here and see if you qualify for a sliding scale rate.

Read more about my partnership with Open Path Collective and my decision to join below.

In my sessions with clients, I talk about the idea that “two things are true”. These two things are often conflicting and create that proverbial gray area that we find so annoying to sit in sometimes.

As a business owner and a therapist, I also struggle with this “two things are true” conundrum at times. Here is an example:

1. I am a helper and have a passion for the work that I do. I am also a person who needs to earn a living to provide for and support my family in a way that is sustainable. I made the decision to no longer negotiate with insurance companies as they proved to be a barrier to my ethical and authentic work with clients.

2. I recognize that a barrier to mental health treatment is the affordability of therapy without insurance and the availability of providers participate with insurance companies.  Fewer providers are accepting insurance (see my reason above) and the need for therapy for many, is going unmet.

In my work, I try to reconcile and balance all these truths.

How do I honor my passion as a helper, advocate for mental health, practice self-care, balance work and personal obligations, and run a sustainable business? I have come up with a few practices that feel authentic and check all the boxes:

1. I donate hours to the Pro Bono Counseling Project. This is a nonprofit agency that connects uninsured/underinsured clients with therapists who donate hours to the organization.

2. I am in the process of contracting with an Employee Assistance Program that connects employees with short-term solution focused therapy to navigate struggles that are having an impact on the work-life balance. My services are covered by the EAP company and the employer.

3. I have established a partnership with Open Path Psychotherapy Collective. Open Path is a non-profit organization that connects clients to quality therapists at a reduced rate.

More about my partnership with Open Path Collective

As a business owner, I work to balance the compassion for the work I do and the need to earn a living wage. I have designated 5 spots a week for Open Path clients and the rest of the spots are for standard fee clients. 

My standard fee for clients is $150 for individual and $175 for couple. The fee for Open Path Clients is $40-$70 for individual and $40-$80 for couples.  With Open Path, clients’ fee ranges from 50%-70% less than my standard rate.  I allow the client to decide what fee within that range suits their budget.

How Open Path works

If you are interested in receiving services at a sliding scale the first thing you need to do is go to the Open Path website. You will have to pay the initial $65 fee to keep the website going, you will also have access to all the therapists for your lifetime. You get lifetime access to quality therapists who offer a sliding scale, and I don't have to set up a whole sliding scale fee policy.

How we navigate the Open Path agreement in sessions

I strive to maintain an open dialogue with my clients about my rates and fees. If they are unable to afford my full rate, we will discuss using the Open Path collective and one of the time slots reserved for Open Path clients. My vision is that clients who need to use the sliding scale will use it. If they do not need it, they will leave that spot for a client who does. The conversation around finances will be ongoing. Should the financial situation change for the better or worse we will adjust the sliding scale rate and when they are able, clients will transition from Open Path rates and open the allocated slot for another person who needs it.

You can read more about open path here and see if you qualify for a sliding scale rate.

For more information about Open Path, sliding scale, and how I work, schedule a time to chat.