Individual Therapy

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Therapy is for Everyone

Are you on the fence about starting or re-starting therapy? Stop thinking about whether or not you are struggling enough for therapy or battling with "I should be able to handle this on my own"

The truth is, we can't always handle everything alone all the time. We need support and guidance and some times just a place to lay it all out so it makes sense to us. Take this opportunity to get the thoughts out of your head. They will make more sense once they stop swirling around in your brain.  In therapy, there is nothing off limits. What you have to say is important and I want to hear it. 

You are ready for therapy if:

  • there is something not quite right with the status quo
  • you have decided that you are worth the investment
  • you have tried EVERYTHING else and figure, why the hell the not, maybe it will help

You are ready for therapy with ME if:

  • you don't mind the occasional curse word or joke
  • you like to learn (I am a life long learner and I believe that knowledge is power)
  • you are okay with out of network services