Couples Therapy

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Couple therapy can address various concerns in a relationship. There are concerns with infidelity either emotional or physical, intimacy concerns, the ever present concern with communication, and (contrary to popular belief) the focus of couple therapy may actually be how to end a relationship in the least harmful way possible. This is especially important when there are children involved.

Because I use a video platform for sessions, a couple can be in the same or different space if they choose. This makes therapy more accessible when coordinating schedules.

What are some fears you have of starting couple therapy?

My fear as a therapist was that couple therapy would be watching two people argue with each other about who is right and who is wrong. In reality, couple therapy is not about hearing the facts and determining who is right. It is impossible to know the facts. What is possible is for each person to be heard. In couple therapy we have the chance to be heard.

Insurance and Couple Therapy

I do not submit claims to the insurance company for couple therapy. Submitting claims requires a mental health diagnosis and an identified patient. In couple therapy, the couple is the patient. It would be counterintuitive to identify one part of the couple as the identified patient.

My rate for couple therapy is $175/hr