Therapy for Anxiety

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Anxiety is our body’s way of telling us that something is just not right.

We can feel it in our chest and our guts. It’s just this feeling of discomfort that is, well, uncomfortable. It keeps us up at night and distracts us during the day. We feel overwhelmed tired and irritable. We suffer and our relationships suffer. There are lots of ways to treat anxiety. I have a two-pronged approach. The tricky part is using both of these anxiety-stopping techniques at the same time.

Approach 1: Treat the symptoms. These are all the “coping skills” that you find when you Google “how do I stop anxiety”. These include getting good rest, exercise, eating right, meditation, etc. While these techniques are helpful it is like taking a cough drop for bronchitis. The cough might stop but the cough drop isn’t treating the cause.

Approach 2: What is making me anxious in the first place? This is the meat and potatoes of therapy. We can work together to find out about those pesky core beliefs that are at the root of your anxiety.  We identify them and work to correct them.

In your work to become the best version of yourself, it is imperative that we attack anxiety at both ends - the symptoms and the cause. 

We can figure out what works (and what doesn’t).