Helping overwhelmed; burned out; adults and couples gain traction in their personal and professional lives.

Step 1: Let's chat

Step 2: Choose your format for therapy

Step 3: Re-focus & gain traction

Are you an adult or couple who feels...?

  • overwhelmed
  • anxious 
  • burned-out 
  • guilt or shame for not doing "enough" 
  • has meaningful work that isn't getting done

I offer therapy for individuals and couples struggling with the effects and turmoil of ADHD, Anxiety, and Depression.


What can we do about it?

This is more than a quick fix. If you are looking for a bandaid for struggles that have been years in the making, I'm not your gal. I will challenge you to:

  • find and practice skills to manage a life that has become unmanageable
  • Help you learn and believe that you are not broken, lazy, or a failure
  • Understand what got you here in the first place


So...What's Next?

No wait lists here! I have immediate openings available for counseling and therapy. You decide:

  • video or in person
  • Structured topic or more relaxed
  • group, individual, or hybrid

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Life isn't about surviving, it's about thriving.

I offer therapy to deal with what life throws at you 

If you are feeling overwhelmed, at your wit's end, angry, irritated, and just about ready to give up, I am here to talk you through. I base therapy on connections. In our sessions, I will connect with you and help you connect with a more authentic version of you (the one that isn't ready to snap). 

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About Christina Meighen

My approach to helping is to simply meet you where you are. We all have friends and family that tell us "what you need to do". I want to hear what you think. I will provide you with the space and time you need to help you become the best version of yourself that you can be. I can offer feedback, a different perspective, and a listening ear. I take the time to get to know you and help you figure out what works for you. After all, you are the expert on you. I offer the space for you to find and hear your voice.