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Attention deficit disorder may go undiagnosed as an adult. It can be mistaken for depression, anxiety, or bipolar disorder.  That is because it is commonly seen as a disorder in children (especially boys) who have a “sit still” problem. If you were not diagnosed as a child it could be because you learned to manage the symptoms and navigate the world with your neurodivergent way of thinking.  

ADHD in Adults

As adults we are presented with more responsibilities. You could handle childhood and early twenties, but now that you are an adult with all the responsibilities that come with it, your ADHD symptoms have become evident or harder to manage.  Here are some things to consider to determine if you have undiagnosed ADHD. 

  • Trouble with transitions (getting out the door on time)
  • Time blindness 
  • Sensitive to rejection or perceived rejection
  • Feeling overwhelmed
  • Lose things 
  • Emotional reactivity

This podcast describes the symptoms of ADHD found in adults and also talks about gender differences in diagnosing.

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