Therapy for ADHD

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ADHD impacts multiple aspects of our lives and the lives of those around us. Because of this, I offer different formats and approaches for therapy that meet YOU where you are at. We can set up a time to chat here and we can see where you are in the process. We can talk for a few minutes to establish needs and see if we might be a good fit.

Individual Therapy for Adults with ADHD

Therapy for ADHD (like other therapy) happens in phases. These phases each have a distinct approach. Each phase also has an emotional component. You will find as you are working through these phases, emotions will come up that you might not realize are connected to ADHD. We can work through those as well.

Pre-Contemplation: You (or your loved one) know something is up. You aren't quite sure about therapy, but here you are. At this phase I can offer a lot of information regarding the diagnosis and administer assessment scales. I can also help you sort out where you are in life and where you would like to be. I am here to listen and not judge. We might find out you don't have ADHD at all or that there are bigger things going on that also need to be addressed.  Let's work together and see what we find out.

Contemplation: You are thinking maybe it is time to do something about this ADHD. Or maybe thinking that what you are currently doing for your ADHD isn't enough.  I will continue to provide you with information and help you explore how ADHD has had an impact on your life.  Take this time to educate yourself outside of session too. There are podcasts, books, and even Facebook groups for us neurodivergents. This is my list - keep coming back I update it frequently.

Preparation: You acknowledge that change is needed and are ready to take action. This ADHD is driving you nuts! But you are not your diagnosis. You know this can be a tool if you can just harness that energy!  I can help you identify resources and develop a support network. We can work through any hesitation you have and maybe take some small baby steps. We can figure out what modalities of treatment would be best (individual, couple, or group) and get those set up. We can brainstorm anticipated hurdles and explore some work arounds. I can also help you by talking to your partner or family members about what to expect and how they can best support you.

Action: You are actively doing things differently. You have increased your awareness of your actions, thoughts, and feelings. I will help you process these and make any adjustments that we need going along. At this phase we might also notice some resentments coming up - we can work on these too.

Maintenance: You have your system down. You recognize when things aren't working and make adjustments. You have resilience to mistakes and hiccups. I am here to support you and process those hiccups. We can also talk about reducing the frequency of sessions or moving to an as needed basis or this might also be the opportunity to address some issues that come up once the ADHD is being managed.

Relapse:  This doesn't always happen but sometimes life throws you a curveball. An event happens that gets you out of sorts and some old behaviors start popping up despite your best efforts. I am here to listen and help you regroup. We figure out what it was that threw you off your game and why. Then we go back to preparation with this new knowledge.

Couple therapy for ADHD

If you are reading this, you probably already know that either you or your partner (or both of you) have ADHD. So on top of all the things that a couple goes through we are going to throw in this neurodivergent wrench that makes everything that much more difficult.  The dynamic between partners when there is a mental health diagnosis can shift to that of a parent-child which can spell doom for your relationship.

I can offer education, support, empathy, and techniques to use in your life and relationship that allow you to grow stronger as a couple.

Group Therapy for ADHD (coming soon!)

Group therapy can offer support and connection that cannot be achieved in an individual session. It also offers a level of accountability to attend appointments and stay on track with your goals. You can learn what has helped others and realize that you are not alone in your struggles.

BONUS! Group therapy is a more affordable option. The structured CBT for ADHD group has a start and stop date. Read this article in Psychology Today regarding this group structure designed  by Mary Solanto, Ph.D. Please contact me if you are interested in group. There is an evening time slot available! Sessions start @ $25/session.