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My Mission

You are here because you are tired. SO TIRED. Everything is too much. There is that pesky voice in your brain that says "what's wrong with you? Get your shit together". You are your own worst critic. Maybe you're anxious, overwhelmed, feel like you are one second away from a meltdown or blowing up at the next person who dares to breathe in your direction. There was a point when you were managing, something happened and now you are not. Things are not where or what you want them to be and, quite frankly, it's pissing you off.

There are times that life feels more difficult than it should be. When you are faced with challenges at home, work, or with relationships; you want to show up with our best self. The problem is, you feel drained and it's all you can do to just show up.

You feel alone in your struggles. It seems like other people are on the right path (though more than likely they are really good at curating their social media content) and you are just trudging along and feel stuck.

Well, you are not alone, there are others on this path with you. I was there, and honestly, some days, I am still there (you can tell by my hair style what kind of day I'm having). I have been through struggles, sat in the misery, I have cried. What I learned with the help of therapy and a curated support network is that there is hope. Things suck sometimes, but also, things are great sometimes. I am here to support you through challenges and transitions.  I can help you to navigate life with awareness and intention. Lets work through your struggles and celebrate your wins.

Here is what I will bring to the session: 1. A sense of humor and more than likely a couple curse words. 2. A blanket, a cardigan, and at least two beverages (because that's what therapists do) 3. Some insight and a new perspective. I'm here for you to vent and to share. And to work on your stuff. We all have stuff and this is your space to bring it and lay it all out. I love learning about people, I love working with folks to find a solution that resonates with them. If there is something we can't figure out together - we will find someone who can help you, I have an ADHD hyperfocus that just won't quit.

I believe there is hope and potential in everyone. I know it's there, we can find it. I believe that a sense of humor makes things more tolerable. I believe that your inner critic can be a jerk sometimes and the more you understand about yourself, the more compassion and growth you will have. I believe that you are worth it. You have a lot to offer to yourself and the world. Let's find it!

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Credentials and Work History

I started school at a local community college, transferred to UMBC and then U Balt for my graduate degree.

Prior to private practice, I worked in a variety of therapy settings. These spaces were large mental health clinics with a diverse set of clients. The broad spectrum of experience has helped me identify who I really enjoy (and therefore am most successful) working with. While large facilities were crucial in gaining experience, I found that I wanted more. I was helping my patients find their stride while I was stuck in a rut. I found it unsettling to not practice what I preach and decided to strike out on my own.

I work with individuals and couples who struggle with ADHD, anxiety, depression, and trauma. My background working with civilian and military populations with co-occurring disorders has helped me to make a connection with my clients. This connection is the backbone of good therapy.

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