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Getting the most out of supervision

For LGPCs, A supervisor is a prerequisite. If we want to have our full license we have to have 100 hours of supervision. If we have to do something, why don’t we get the most out of it? Let’s make more out of an obligation. Let’s use the supervision to grow, not only as a counselor but as a person.

You want me to pay what?!

Some of us are lucky to have a supervisor on site. Some of us are even luckier to have a good supervisor on site. I was not one of those people. I paid for my supervision, but in paying I was motivated to get my money’s worth. I also developed a relationship with my supervisor that I still am engaged with today. I consider it well worth the price I pay, even though I am no longer required to do so.

Bad supervision leaves a bad taste

Some supervisors are put in the position out of obligation to their agencies. That does not mean they are willing to be an ambassador to the field. They may not have the time or the desire. It’s important that if you feel your supervision is lacking – engage in more supervision. Someone who you can align with. Group supervision may be a good affordable add-on to the supervision that you already receive.

Counter transference: it really is a thing

I learned about countertransference in college, but I never really understood it. I remember a specific difficult client, I spoke about her at length to my supervisor. My supervisor, having a pretty decent knowledge of my personal life along with my professional life, pointed out that I was reacting to this client as I wanted to react to someone close to me. Mind blown. After I realized this, the relationship between the client and I smoothed out. Awareness was the key here and I am not sure I could have figured this out on my own.

My supervision services

I offer supervision through a video service called Doxy. me. It is HIPPA compliant and does not require you to have an account. When it is time for our session, simply follow the link on my website and you are in my virtual waiting room. Give me a call or send an email. We can discuss pricing and scheduling. I am approved by the Maryland Board of Professional Counselors and Therapists to supervise LGPCs (and interns).