Resources for ADHD

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Not sure where to start?  Or even certain you have ADHD? 

I have compiled a list of resources that I have come across in my journey of learning about my ADHD and some resources that my clients have found helpful as well.  Educate yourself and let's talk!

Websites and Articles

ADDitude Magazine is a great resource to learn about various aspects of ADHD.

Here is a link that may be helpful in looking for a therapist for ADHD.

The National Institute for Mental Health (NIHM) has this article summarizing symptoms, treatment, and tips to understand ADHD.


Women have a unique experience with ADHD. Here is a list of books that may be helpful.

ADHD 2.0  Offers some insight into treatments other than medication, if you aren't quite sure that medicine is right for you. 

Taking Charge of ADHD Russell Barkley is my favorite. I have taken some courses from him and he is a wealth of knowledge for adults, parents, and kiddos. 

The ADHD Effect on Marriage I have listened to a podcast with Melissa Orlov - she gets it. 

Taking Charge of Adult ADHD is another Russell Barkley favorite. This one is for the adults, because let's face it, if your kiddo has ADHD there is a BIG chance one or both of the parents do too.

12 Principals for Raising a Child with ADHD Russell Barkley again - hands down, my favorite. 


This podcast featuring Mary Solanto Ph.D outlines cognitive behavioral therapy techniques that can help ADHD adults overcome procrastination ward off the irrational thoughts that can lead to anxiety and depression and more.